YdeaLab Intellectual Property Idea Incubator

All ideas start with Y?

An IP-centric Idea Incubator

Ideation->Incubation->Patent Portfolio Creation->Monetization

YdeaLab Idea Incubator

Our Model

YdeaLab Ideation


We generate ideas internally through our in-house R&D programs, and we welcome disruptive ideas from the outside. We foster innovation, conceptualization, idea creation, and R&D. We are looking for solutions to BIG PROBLEMS.

YdeaLab Idea Incubation


New ideas require TL&C. We incubate ideas from the conception, while they are hatching and growing into BIG IDEAS. We help inventors, scientists and researchers to incubate their ideas into startups that can raise venture capital.

YdeaLab Intellectual Property Patents

IP Creation

Ideas form intellectual capital, but they are intangible. It’s hard to monetize intangible ideas. Ideas have to be developed into inventions, which form intellectual assets. Inventions should be patented, i.e., converted into intellectual property. Only through building patent portfolios around inventive ideas can intangible ideas be converted into valuable intellectual property that can be effectively monetized.

YdeaLab Monetization


We start with an idea and, at the end of the incubation cycle, we end up with a startup that owns valuable intellectual property. Now it’s time to monetize. This can be done through a venture capital raise to build an operating company, a strategic alliance with a large company, licensing or sale of the patent portfolio.

Our Companies