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Fractal Heatsink Logo

Fractal Heatsink

Fractal Heatsink Technologies LLC is an R&D company focusing on the applications of fractal geometry to heatsink technology. The use of fractal geometry for heatsinks improves heat transfer efficiency, reduces noise levels, consumes less space, and requires fewer materials to construct the heat exchanger.

Ryogen Logo


Ryogen LLC, co-founded by Dr. James W. Ryan, MD, Ph.D., a prominent physician and scientist, who is credited with the discovery of aminopesidase P, has identified genetic markers for some of the most prevalent diseases in the non-coding sequences, the so-called “junk” DNA. Ryogen built an extensive IP portfolio comprised of 36 US patents directed to various genes with potentially important applications in biomedical research and, ultimately, diagnostics and drug development. Some of these patents have been already licensed to leading biotech companies.

Privilege Wireless Logo

Privilege Wireless

Privilege Wireless LLC is a future Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).  Privilege Wireless developed a multi-tier cellular communications network technology protected by 25 patents in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Cellular communications offered by Privilege Wireless will be secure with end-to-end encryption.

Playtipus Logo


Playtipus is an online app store with curated selection of apps and video for young children. Playtipus is the exclusive licensee of a large patent portfolio owned by Poltorak Technologies LLC that covers in-app purchases and other aspects of e-commerce.

Interactive Wearables

Interactive Wearables LLC is an R&D company that developed technology for wearable devices that can be controlled by a remote device such as a smartphone. Most smart watches today use the proprietary technology covered by the extensive patent portfolio owned by Interactive Wearables.


Neurolight, Inc. is a neuroscience R&D startup engaged in developing new technologies in the field of neuromodulation and neuroenhancement. The proprietary technology being developed by Neurolight is based on the idea that mental states can be “transplanted” by replicating neural correlates of these states from one person to another. This technology is the subject of several pending patent applications.

Itelligen Logo


Iteligen LLC is an artificial intelligence (AI) R&D company that is developing intelligent personal assistant technology capable of detecting the user’s emotional state and engaging in meaningful conversation. Iteligen has obtained several patents on its proprietary AI technology.

IntelNav Logo


IntelNav is a company that developed intelligent car navigation technology that take into account changing lights and other traffic devices. Its patented navigation system will be critical for self-driving cars.

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Implant Secure Communications

Implant Secure Communications LLC is an R&D company that developed a secure protocol for medical implants to communicate with a remote server, without exposing a person with the implant to vulnerabilities of a security breach. This technology is protected by several U.S. patents.